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To make a long-term positive impact in society, we benchmark ourselves against the highest standards of governance. This helps us ensure that we always do the right thing for our customers and employees.  

One of our core values is inclusivity and we strive to create a vibrant workplace where everyone can be themselves and feel supported with their mental and physical health.

As a large employer, we report on our gender and ethnicity pay gap and remain committed to offering our employees opportunities for growth and training, including apprenticeships.

We act responsibly when buying goods and services and build sustainability into our strategic decision making, assessing climate change-related risks.

On these pages, we’ve outlined our approach and the progress we’ve made to date. A range of metrics and case studies illustrate how we structure our organisation, manage risk and operate our Group Board.

Corporate governance

Our robust governance helps us ensure that we always do the right thing. We benchmark ourselves against the highest standards so that we can make a lasting positive impact on our customers and be here for the long-term.

As a large employer, our approach to structuring our governance and managing our risk helps us to make good decisions. We act responsibly when buying goods and services and build sustainability into our strategic decision making, assessing climate change-related risks.

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Sanctuary staff looking round the Green Vale development whilst wearing hi-visibility clothing

Sanctuary Care staff talking with a resident

Effective procurement

We spend over £600 million each year on a range of goods and services such as food and uniforms for care homes, repairs and construction materials, utilities, office supplies, waste management, professional services and transport. We also have a large capital investment programme covering building schemes, computers, communications and other equipment.

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Supply chain social value

Great supply chain partnerships help us to achieve our social objectives. Social value requirements, such as contributing to our community investment strategy or delivering apprenticeships, are built into every one of our tenders. Beyond our direct investment, we work with our construction, supply chain and external funders to secure and deliver additional investment for our communities. In 2022/2023 we secured over £570,000 of supplier social value contributions. This was through a combination of supply chain partners as well as investment generated as part of our development programme. This has resulted in a variety of projects from funding community connector positions, which support individuals within our communities at risk of homelessness, to a suite of national customer support offers.


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Employee wellbeing

We’re one team of around 14,000 people, working in a wide range of roles across the organisation and the UK. We’re united by the pride and passion we take in delivering our mission.

Our people are our greatest asset, and we know that they perform best when they are listened to, appreciated, given clarity and focus, can be themselves and are engaged.

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An inclusive organisation

Inclusion is one of our key values at Sanctuary. We’re working to create an inclusive environment for customers and colleagues, one that values difference and appreciates each person as an individual – with their own skills, strengths and needs.

It’s about working in a way that ensures we all feel respected, valued and heard.

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Staff gathered at Sanctuary’s Worcester offices to celebrate Cultural Diversity Day