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Resident Scrutiny Panel

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Our Resident Scrutiny Panel (RSP) works closely with our Group Board, Group Housing Board, and senior team, enabling diverse residents’ views to influence Sanctuary’s services.

The RSP works alongside our Resident Advisory Panel (RAP), a second customer body which helps us shape our future strategies and ways of working.

Our RSP focuses on affordable housing and supported living services in England.

This year, we’ve asked the panel to help us create new customer service standards and design new delivery methods.

Meet our Resident Scrutiny Panel

Bob of the RSP



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Marc of the RSP



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What does our RSP do?

Our Resident Scrutiny Panel is a fantastic asset. It:

  • Challenges our senior management team about our services (including what and why)
  • Helps us to design our services
  • Leads our Communities of Interest
  • Decides what it should scrutinise and passes on any recommendations to our Group Housing Committee

The terms of reference for our RSP can be viewed by clicking here.



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