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You Said, We’re Listening

Sanctuary staff member gathering feedback from a resident

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You said

We listen when you tell us something's wrong


We act

We put a plan in place to fix the issue and tell you what we're doing to fix it


We learn

We make changes to stop the issue happening again

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How we’re using your feedback

In this section you’ll be able to see how we are using customer feedback to improve our services.

Each tab contains an action plan developed from the results and feedback from our surveys and online polls.

A woman sitting on a leather sofa wearing a Sanctuary lanyard and writing in a notebook looking at an older man sitting next to her on the sofa


Between January and March 2024, one in five of the 483 customers we surveyed told us they were satisfied with our complaints service. We know this isn’t good enough and are working with our Complaint team to make changes based on what your response.

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Between January and March 2024, more than three in every four (77%) of the 2,694 customers we surveyed were satisfied with our repair service. We’ve shared your insights with our Repair teams and changed how we work.

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Past Consultations

Tell us what you think

Sanctuary staff member gathering feedback from a resident

We often ask residents what you think of us and our services. You can give us feedback at any time by clicking on the button below: 

We are always keen to hear from you if you have a suggestion to help us on our improvement journey. 

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