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Repair responsibilities for renters

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It can be frustrating when something in your home breaks. Keeping your home in good condition is a shared responsibility between us. To help get things fixed as quickly as possible, it is important to know if the repair is our responsibility or yours.

What are you responsible for?

  • Replacing lost keys and replacing locks if you lose your keys.

  • Replacing plugs and chains for sinks and baths, as well as bathroom fittings such as towel rails, toilet roll holders and shower curtains.

  • Replacing broken toilet seats.

  • Clearing minor blockages to sinks, toilets, baths and showers.

  • Repairing anything broken where the damage was caused by you, someone in your household or a visitor.

  • Providing and replacing light bulbs that are not in sealed units.

  • Internal decorations.

  • Repairing any equipment or items that you have brought into your home.

What are we responsible for?

  • The outside of your home and the general structure (including the roof, walls, doors, windows and paths).

  • The interior structure of your home (including walls, doors and ceilings).

  • Making sure supplies for your gas, water and electrics are safe and working.

  • Repairing kitchen and bathroom equipment (toilets, baths, showers, and sinks).

Report a repair

Our report a repair form will also help answer questions about any repair responsibility you may have.