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How you can buy a new home

If you would like to buy a new home from Sanctuary, please visit our Sanctuary Homes website to find your dream, new-build home.

How you can buy an existing home

In addition to offering new homes for sale, there are a number of homes which may be available for resale. These include Shared Ownership homes and outright sale, including retirement properties.

Resale homes are usually sold by the existing owner though a local or online estate agent, so it’s worth registering interest with those local agents or searching on a site such as Rightmove or Zoopla.

Shared ownership homes can also be found through one of the Help-to-buy agents that operate in England. Further details on this, along with how Shared Ownership works and who can apply, can be found by visiting the Government Shared Ownership page.

If you're considering purchasing a property that we manage from one of our existing owners, please discuss with the seller as we will have set out any requirements contained in their lease or other legal title documents to them. We will have also highlighted any eligibility criteria that a prospective purchaser must meet such as income threshold levels, age restrictions, care needs etc. to live at the property.

The Government have produced a guide called “How to Lease; A guide for current and prospective leaseholders in England”, which you may find helpful.

Please also note, we have some general information on our website covering some of the main things an owner with Sanctuary should be aware of. However, this is only a guide, and the lease or transfer document for the property sets out ours and the owner’s obligations.  Should you decide to purchase a Sanctuary property, it's important you raise any questions or concerns with the solicitor you appoint to act for you in that purchase, before committing to buy.

Right to buy

If you rent an ex-council house with Sanctuary as a secure tenant or an assured tenant with a protected Right to Buy (PRTB), then you may be able to buy your home at a discounted rate under the government’s Right to Buy scheme.

The PRTB is the legal right given to former tenants of local authorities with a secure tenancy, to buy their home. The Preserved Right to Buy only applies if you were a tenant with specific local authorities during specific dates.