Get involved

One of our key priorities is to engage with our residents and stakeholders. We believe that engaging with residents and our communities will help us in our mission to build affordable homes and sustainable communities where people choose to live. We currently work with over 1,000 residents in scrutinising and improving our services.

We recognise that by having conversations with our residents, we can design and deliver better services, and improve the neighbourhoods where we work. You can make a real difference by getting involved and helping us shape our services, or scrutinise our performance.  You don’t need to have any experience or take part in every activity - you give as much of your time as you choose and decide what interests you.

Whether you have a few minutes to vote in an online poll, take part in local activities or if see yourself sitting on our National Resident Scrutiny Panel, we have a range of exciting and engaging options to suit you.

Have a look at the options below and take the first step today towards getting involved with us and your community.