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We have around 14,000 employees who make up one team. From the top of our organisation to the frontline, we are united in working together for our mission. We include our residents in this, putting them at the heart of our decision-making. 

We have a group structure, in which Sanctuary Housing Association is the parent company of a number of subsidiary operations within its control. 

How we are regulated

We are subject to a range of laws, rules and regulations relevant to our business, which we must take all reasonable steps to comply with.  

Our regulators include: 

  • The Regulator of Social Housing  

  • The Scottish Housing Regulator 

  • The Care Quality Commission 

  • Scottish Care Inspectorate 

Members of Sanctuary's board sitting at a desk with glasses and notebooks on the table. Three men wearing suits are looking at a woman wearing a floral jacket who is talking.

The Regulator of Social Housing sets Economic and Consumer standards all housing associations are expected to meet.  We have a G1 rating from the Regulator of Social Housing for governance and a V2 rating for our viability, meaning we meet the regulatory expectations with a recognition that there are financial challenges which we will have to manage.

Our governance structure

Graphic showing a structure chart with the Group Board at the top, a row of committees below and the resident panels below the Group Housing Board

Our governance structure is made up of: 

Our resident panels work closely with our Group Board, Group Housing Board, and senior team, enabling diverse residents’ views to influence our services. Our Resident Scrutiny Panel challenges our senior management team about our services, while our Resident Advisory Panel helps us develop new policies, strategies, and ways of working. 

The Group Board considers that the Group and its Registered Provider subsidiaries comply with the provisions of the National Housing Federation’s Code of Governance 2020.

Our boards

Three men wearing suits standing talking to each other in a bright room with blue seating

Group Board

The Group Board’s primary role is to define and ensure compliance with Sanctuary’s values and objectives.

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Members of Sanctuary's Executive board sitting around a wooden table

Executive Team

The Group Board delegates day-to-day management to the Group Chief Executive, Craig Moule and the Executive Team.

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Two women sitting on a blue canteen sofa with a table in front of them that had glasses and plates with food on

Group Housing Board

Our Group Housing Board puts Sanctuary residents at the heart of our decision-making process.

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A man with brown hair wearing glasses, a black jacket, white tie and pink spotted tie looking at the camera and smiling

Group Audit and Risk Committee

The Group Audit and Risk Committee works with the Group Board on risk, internal control, fraud and auditing.

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A woman with black and white hair wearing a grey top sitting on a blue bench next to a man wearing a  blue shirt and grey jumper. Both people are wearing Sanctuary name badges and smiling at a man wearing a red checked shirt.

Resident Scrutiny Panel (RSP)

Our Resident Scrutiny Panel works to enable diverse residents’ views to help influence Sanctuary’s services.

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Members of Sanctuary's boards standing and sitting in a canteen with plates of food on the tables.

Resident Advisory Panel (RAP)

This diverse body of residents use their voice to make sure your views are central to our decision-making.

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