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What is a community of interest?

A community of interest group refers to a collective of individuals who share common characteristics, needs, or interests within the areas we serve. These groups could include residents with similar interests or cultural backgrounds or individuals with specific housing needs.

More than 1,000 Sanctuary residents engage with us through our community of interest groups.

Each group focuses on one topic, bringing people with similar interests together. We work with each of our community of interest groups to help us design our services and assess the performance of particular areas of our service.

Understanding and addressing the specific requirements of these community groups is essential for us to provide tailored housing solutions and support services.

How much time do you need to participate in a community of interest?

The amount of time will depend on what you wish to do. Many tasks are carried out ‘virtually’/online, but we continue to do some things in person. If you’re interested please get in touch, we’ll have a level of engagement that works for you.

What community of interest groups does Sanctuary have?

Our residents have formed a range of communities of interest, based on what they want to work with us on. We are always open to new communities of interest in topics that residents are passionate about. 

  • Service reviews

  • Estate inspections

  • Family and friend tests

  • Handling complaints

  • Homeowner forum      

  • Environment and climate change

  • Policy reviews

  • Buying goods and services (‘Procurement’)