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Expressions of interest (RSP)

Thank you for your interest in joining Sanctuary’s Resident Scrutiny Panel ( RSP)

We need the panel to represent as much diversity and experience as possible so we can shape better services that are inclusive of all.

Please complete this short questionnaire to learn more about yourself. We want to expand our panel to include people from a range of backgrounds, needs, and experiences to reflect the voices of our residents better. We're particularly keen to hear from young people and people from minority ethnic backgrounds, as they are currently underrepresented on our panels.

You will need to be comfortable reading reports and confident in expressing your views. We ask that you commit around one to two days a quarter and be flexible, as this could include both daytime and evenings.

You will be provided with an exciting and structured induction. This will include virtual training sessions and mentoring and getting to know our organisation and the services we provide.

Only six spaces are available on the Resident Scrutiny Panel, so not everyone’s application will be successful. Please provide as much information as possible to give yourself the best chance.

Personal details
How long have you been a Sanctuary resident? (years)
Why are you interested in joining the Resident Scrutiny Panel?

In 100 words or less, please explain why you would like to join the Resident Scrutiny Panel.

What unique qualities, skills, and insights would you bring to the addition Resident Scrutiny Panel?

In 100 words or less, please describe the specific attributes, expertise, and perspectives you would contribute to enhance the effectiveness and impact of the panel.

Additional support

We understand that each individual has unique needs and may require different forms of guidance or assistance. 

Please let us know if we can offer any additional support that would help you effectively contribute to the scrutiny panel.

For information on why we collect your data and what we do with it, please see our privacy statements.