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Our Group Housing Board puts Sanctuary residents at the heart of our decision-making process. 

Four customers sit alongside two members from each of our Group Board and Executive teams, providing valuable insight from the residents directly affected by the strategic decisions we make. 

Our Group Housing Board is a committee of our Group Board, Sanctuary’s most senior level of governance. It is tasked with making sure our ‘landlord services’ are efficient and meet our customers’ needs. This includes: 

  • Monitoring and challenging our operational performance, helping us to be open and transparent with a focus on continuous improvement. 

  • Reviewing and approving our housing policies, making sure they meet or exceed legal and regulatory standards. 

  • Setting and monitoring service standards so we deliver our services efficiently and provide customers with value for money. 

  • Making our resident engagement thorough and robust, while ensuring our resident scrutiny arrangements work effectively. 

Our Group Housing Board’s members include the respective chairs of Sanctuary’s Resident Advisory Panel and Resident Scrutiny Panel, plus two other Sanctuary residents. They are joined by our Group Chief Executive, Chief Customer Officer and two of our Group Board’s Non-Executive Directors.  

This is another important forum through which Sanctuary residents can influence the things that matter most to them. 


Group Board Members

Executive Directors

Group Board member Trudi Elliott

Trudi Elliott CBE, BSc Econ (Law and Econs), MRTPI, FAcSS

Chair of Group Housing Board and Vice Chair of Group Board

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Group Board member Arvinda Gohil

Arvinda Gohil OBE, BA (Hons)

Group Board Member

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Group Chief Executive Craig Moule

Craig Moule BSc (Hons)

Group Chief Executive

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Lizzie Hieron, Chief Customer Officer

Lizzie BSc (Hons)

Chief Customer Officer

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Sanctuary Residents

A female Sanctuary resident wearing a grey woolen jumper sitting at a wooden table

Jazz Shaban

Landa Love

Jean of the RAP

Jean McDonnell

Chair of Resident Advisory Panel

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Bob of the RSP

Bob Werrett

Chair of Resident Scrutiny Panel

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