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Group Audit and Risk Committee

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The purpose of our Group Audit and Risk Committee is to monitor and advise the Group Board on risk management, internal control, fraud, and internal and external audit. 

Our Group Audit and Risk Committee membership is determined by the Group Board and comprises a maximum of five members, including at least three Group Board members. 

Some of the tasks of this committee include: 

  • Advising on the effectiveness and adequacy of our risk management and internal control systems, 

  • Monitoring the implementation of recommendations from internal and external audit reports and management letters,  

  • Reviewing if the Annual Report and Financial Statements is fair, balanced and understandable, 

  • Reviewing the long-term plan and strategic focus for internal audit, 

  • Ensuring the customer voice is fully considered within internal audit work where services impact on customers, 

  • Advising on the appointment and remuneration of external auditors and the scope of their work, 

  • Reviewing the policies and procedures for Risk Management, Management of Fraud Risk and Reported Fraud, Whistleblowing, Prevention of Bribery and Anti-Money Laundering. 

Internal and External Audit

KPMG LLP provides external audit services and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP performs internal audit services.


Group Board member Ian Chisholm

Ian Chisholm MA, ACMA, FCT

Chair of Group Audit and Risk Committee

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Group Board member Ros Kerslake

Ros Kerslake CBE, BA (Hons), MBA

Chair of Remuneration Committee

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Group Board member Alan West

Alan West

Group Board Member

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Lead Officer

Group Board member Ed Lunt

Ed Lunt BA (Hons), CA

Chief Financial Officer and Co-opted Group Board Member

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