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Checking who we say we are

27th April 2023


A person outside the front of their home holding a small dog facing another person who looks as though they are working for an organisation with a folder in their hand

We want you to feel safe and confident when interacting with our staff. If you ever have doubts about the identity of a Sanctuary team member, don't hesitate to ask for proof of identification (ID).

Our staff are always happy to confirm their identity, whether it's in person, over the phone, or through email or text.

Repairs, maintenance and surveys

For repairs, maintenance, and surveys, our team will always contact you ahead of time to arrange a visit. If someone shows up unannounced and claims to be from Sanctuary, you should be suspicious.

Ask to see their photo ID and call us to confirm their legitimacy.

Housing matters

For housing matters, our colleagues may need to visit you without warning. If you're unsure about who's at your doorstep, ask to see their ID. If you have any doubts, call us and we'll confirm they're from Sanctuary.

Phone calls, Emails, Texts

Most times, when we contact you, and it’s not face-to-face, it might be obvious that the call, email or message is from us. You might be able to tell because of the nature of our contact, the information we share with you, or because it relates to an earlier interaction you’ve had with us.

If you are contacted and you suspect that it might be a scam, please contact us right away to verify its authenticity.

Call us

If a person is not there on our behalf, we can make the police aware. It’s always better to be safe than sorry before you let someone unknown to you into your home.

If our housing officers or contractors can’t show you their photo ID, or if you are still unsure, please phone 0800 131 3348 so that we can confirm they work for us.

Helpline for people who are deaf or hard of hearing: