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Leasehold Information Pack

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Leasehold Information Pack

The Leasehold Information Pack is requested by the buyer’s solicitor in the re-sale of your home. The pack includes the last three years' service charge accounts, fire risk assessment (if applicable), asbestos report (if applicable), any specific requirements of the buyer, notice fees and clawback (if applicable) and any other key information.

The cost of the Leasehold Information Pack is £68.40 and the turnaround for providing this pack to you or your solicitor is 10 working days.

Please note:

  • We do not provide an LPE1 form.
  • The Leasehold Information Packs are only valid for approximately six months from date of issue.
  • We recommend the pack is requested from the outset of your transaction.

Landlord Enquiries

Any enquiries that arise from the Leasehold Information Pack, or in relation to your lease, will be responded to within five working days.

However, this timeframe is subject to us being able to retrieve the relevant information or document from our internal departments and subject to the complexity of the enquiry. For example, if the buyer’s solicitor requires a deed of variation for a clause within your lease, this can extend the time of your legal transaction significantly.

If you require a Leasehold Information Pack, please click the button below.

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