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Melissa of the RAP

Melissa lives in North London and has been a Sanctuary resident since 2022.  

“I am a developmental psychologist working with families of children with developmental disabilities. I can afford to live in London because of Sanctuary, and for that I’m deeply grateful. 

“I love that my work allows me to support vulnerable families, including families of children with disabilities. I’m also passionate about the cause of immigrants and want to do all within my power to make life in a foreign country a little more comfortable and welcoming for immigrants, irrespective of their country of origin. 

“I love the outdoors, whether it’s a new-to-me London neighbourhood or an area of outstanding natural beauty. When indoors, music or a good book keeps me at peace and out of mischief. 

“The opportunity to serve my estate and the broader social housing community motivated my application to the Resident Advisory Panel. At the end of my term, I would like to confidently say I’ve worked in the interests of residents and made a difference to the quality of their lives.”