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Lettings bands

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When you apply to join our waiting list, we will assess the application and select a band based on your housing needs. Bandings range between A-C.

When allocating homes, we look at each band in turn, starting with the people most in need of housing. Within each band, we would contact the applicant who has been on the waiting list the longest.

During your application, please let us know if you have a medical need. As part of the banding allocation, we may need an Occupational Therapist to carry out an assessment to ensure we place you in the correct band.

Band A

Band A − will only be awarded:

  • in exceptional cases where an inability to move will lead to significant and/or imminent harm to the applicant or a member of their household.

Band B

Band B – will be awarded if you need to move because:

  • you are suffering from domestic abuse
  • you are suffering from harassment (including racial harassment)
  • you are under-occupying a social housing property by two or more bedrooms
  • you are overcrowded and need two or more extra bedrooms
  • you are ready to move on from supported housing into independent accommodation
  • you occupy a bedsit or studio, with one or more children living with you
  • you or a member of your household have a medical condition or disability caused or made worse by your current housing. It will only improve by a move to alternative accommodation.

Band C

Band C – will be awarded if you need to move because:

  • you have received 28 days notice for where you currently live
  • your home is being repossessed
  • you are suffering serious antisocial behaviour and moving will ease this
  • you are under-occupying a social housing property by one bedroom
  • you are overcrowded and need one extra bedroom
  • the accommodation you currently live in is unsuitable for your needs, for example, household not living together or property needs adapting to your needs
  • you are a nondependent household member over the age of 18 living in a Sanctuary home. You must be overcrowded and have lived there for the last three years or more to qualify for this.
  • you are over 55 and want to move to older persons' accommodation
  • you need to access specialist education, a permanent job or support services because of a disability, because of your age or other welfare-related reasons.

It is likely that you will be asked to provide evidence to support your application to be considered for any band.