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Reducing emissions from our cleaning supplies in Sanctuary Supported Living

Somebody cleaning a carpet next to a wall using a Henry hoover

A strategic approach to sustainable procurement in Sanctuary Supported Living has resulted in plastic-free and refillable  cleaning solutions.

By moving to refillable cleaning products and reusable, microfibre cleaning cloths, schemes across Sanctuary Supported Living are reducing not only waste, but also the overall number of products purchased, transport from delivering products, and spend.

Maintaining a hygienic and safe environment at all times is imperative for schemes within Supported Living, meaning that cleaning is a key activity producing material emissions. Therefore, this sustainable switch is expected to support emissions reductions.

Additionally, Sanctuary Supported Living has moved to paperless kitchens, using digital resources to replace old paper records. By removing paper from all processes, this helps to reduce Supported Living’s emissions both from the category of Purchased Goods and from Services and Waste.