Payment Process

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Payment Process

Payments are processed through our Accounts Payable department. Our aim is to ensure that all valid invoices will be paid to the terms agreed with our suppliers. 

Please speak to your contact at Sanctuary to obtain a 10 digit purchase order number starting with 41 or 45 before the delivery of goods or services. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept an invoice without this information.

All invoices and statements should be directed to:

PO Box 2039, 2 Marybone, Liverpool, L69 3AQ

Alternatively, you can submit your invoices by email to Invoices should be submitted as PDF documents, with one invoice per PDF file and a maximum of 20 invoices per email.

Account queries should be directed to our Finance Service Desk team.

Tel: 0800 022 4200 Email:

The Finance Service Desk is available between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Useful tips for quick and easy payments

Invoice details

To help us process your payment, invoices must contain the following information:

  • Sanctuary purchase order number.
  • Sanctuary operation (Group, Housing, Care, Supported Living, Sanctuary Students or Maintenance).
  • Subsidiary or region who received the goods or services.

If we receive your invoice with missing information, we'll have to return it which will delay payment.

VAT details

Your invoice should contain your organisation's VAT number and show separate values for: 

  • The net value of goods and services before VAT.
  • The percentage and amount of VAT. 
  • The total of the net value and amount of VAT.

Invoice for works

If the invoice is for works which fall under the construction industry tax legislation (CIS), we need your invoice to show the labour and materials elements separately.

Supplier number

All suppliers are given a supplier number which should be used when you contact us. Our Finance Service Desk can provide you with your supplier number.

Invoice resolution

All invoices to be sent from the supplier, directly to: (maximum of 20 PDF invoices per email)

or alternatively, they can be posted to: PO Box 2039, 2 Marybone, Liverpool, L69 3AQ.

  • If the invoices are okay, the invoices will be paid within the payment terms. 
  • If the invoices are in query / dispute, invoices will be returned within 10 days of receipt and suppler will be required to re-issue a new invoice to the email or postal address shown above. 

Where there are any status updates or requests for payment, these must be addressed to: or 0800 0224 200

  • Your call / email will be acknowledged, and a ticket reference provided within 24 to 48 hours. 
  • If you feel the above has not been met, please call again and request your query to be escalated to a supervisor.