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Brian Daley

Brian Daley,  Fire Technician
Brian Daley wearing his uniform

Brian Daley

Fire Technician

“I spent nine years in the Royal Air Force dealing with Logistics, Helicopter Support and Forward Hot Refuelling. When I left the Armed Forces, I was unsure which way to take my civilian career and also had some demons to deal with. After bouncing from job to job I realised I had to deal with my demons (PTSD) and find a career path in an environment that felt right."

“Eventually I found my home within Sanctuary who actively promote mental health wellbeing. I found that the skills that I learned while serving for example a cando attitude, planning, communication, leadership and teamworking were easily transferred to my role within Sanctuary. Despite many people writing me off since leaving the RAF I am happy to say that I have progressed and I am now working as a Fire Technician."

"Since being at Sanctuary I have recruited veterans into my teams who have found like me that Sanctuary is a good environment to work in and that our skills can be transferred into civilian life."