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Improving our homes

2nd June 2023


A man in a navy Sanctuary-branded fleece holds a chisel and hammer in front of a window where the double-glazing has been removed

If you live in Cheshire, Rochford, Sheffield or Stoke-on-Trent, a company called Commonplace may contact you to take part in some research. 

Sanctuary recently secured a £12.5 million government grant to improve the energy efficiency of more than 2,000 homes, and we plan to invest this money in these areas. The aim of the project is to increase the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of the homes involved to Band C. The work involved could include window upgrades, loft and wall insulation, and the installation of low-energy lighting. 

If Commonplace contact you, we encourage you to take part. Your feedback will help shape our approach to deliver the most benefit.