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Please note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, you may experience delays in receiving your parking permit. To avoid these delays, please can you submit parking requests as early as possible and include all your supporting information on your initial request.  Please be assured that our staff are working hard to process all requests within seven days, and we appreciate your patience and understanding if a delay has occurred.  

Parking Permits in Kingsmead and Morningside

Parking permits are no longer available at local offices. The details on this page outlines what you need to do to apply for different types of permits.


The enforcement of permits is controlled by Hackney Council and will commence on 1 February 2021.

Any vehicles parked in disabled bays, double yellow lines, footways or any undesignated parking areas will continue to be enforced before 1 February 2021 regardless if a permit is displayed.

Fines for non-display are levied by the local authority. Any fine appeals should be sent directly to the London Borough of Hackney rather than Sanctuary.

How to display

Permits must be displayed in the parked vehicle face up on the dashboard and visible at all times while parking on the estate. If your permit is not displayed correctly, you may receive an enforcement letter including a fine.

The issue of a permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Where valid

Parking is only valid in designated parking bays. Only disabled badge holders can park in marked disabled bays.

Cancelling a permit

You can request to cancel your permit at any time by emailing us using the details provided under the contact us section.

Unfortunately, if you are requesting to cancel a permit that you previously paid for including unused visitor permits, we are unable to offer a retrospective refund.

Lost permit

If you lose your permit, please email us with your name, address and car reg. We can then issue you with a new one and cancel the old one with the enforcement company.

New, change or renewing permit

You can email us to let us know of any changes to your vehicle. Any changes will be considered a new permit and you will need to provide certain documents as outlined under the relevant sections below.

Temporary permits

Unfortunately we are unable to provide temporary permits as we are not able to send you a permit quicker than 3 working days. Please check your Local Authority website for information on purchasing a temporary permit for street parking off the estate.


Motorbikes do not require a permit to park on the estates.


If you are expecting visitors for a funeral, please let us know in advance. We may be able to provide you with 5 visitor permits free of charge.

Other Information