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Homes for Ukraine

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The Government has launched the Homes for Ukraine scheme to enable people living in the UK to host Ukrainian individuals or families for at least six months.   

Please read their Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.

Guidance for taking part

We know that many of our customers who have a spare room would like to help Ukrainians fleeing the war by hosting them in their own home and we want to enable them to do this.   

We have provided the following guidance for customers who would like to take part. 

  • Any offer of accommodation should be made through the Government’s official scheme
  • If you rent your home from Sanctuary, please make sure you ask for permission first before taking anyone in (and let us know when they leave). 
  • Make sure you have enough space and don’t make your home overcrowded. 
  • Don’t grant a tenancy. 
  • You take responsibility for the people who live with you. 
  • As a host, you should not charge rent. 
  • People who provide accommodation through the scheme may be entitled to receive a thank you payment from the Government of £350 per month that will continue ‘for as long as you sponsor somebody for up to 12 months’. 
  • The Government has confirmed that this payment will not be treated as income for assessing benefits. 
  • If you are a homeowner, please check your lease or transfer to see if there are any restrictions on letting a room within your home. If you have a mortgage on your home, you should also let your mortgage lender know. 
  • It is also worth checking whether any insurance policies on your home or contents are affected by hosting additional person/s. 

How to apply

If you rent your home from Sanctuary and have a spare room and wish to apply to take part in the scheme, please complete the form below to request permission.       

For Homeowners - Whilst permission may not be required, you should check your lease / transfer document for any specific restrictions.  We would ask that you let us know that you are taking part in this scheme.  If you do have any queries regarding your lease, please contact us using our online enquiry form.

Apply for permission

Once you receive details from the Government of an allocated person/s, you will need to provide us with their details so we can update our records. Please complete our form below.

Tell us about changes to your household