How you can get involved

There are lots of ways to have your say and help us improve. When you get involved you also meet new people, use your skills and learn new ones too. Activities can fit around your work and home life, and we'll cover your out-of-pocket expenses and provide training where needed.

We want to design services with you and want you to hold us to account for our performance. We understand you are very busy and we are grateful for any time you give.  

Below are the ways you can get involved with shaping our services.

Our service standards (or ‘Local Offers’) are our commitments to you. These were developed with feedback from almost 2,000 residents and are detailed below:

  • Home


    • We will respond to emergency repairs within 24 hours.
    • If a repair is not urgent, residents will be offered a morning or afternoon appointment.
    • If we fail to fix a repair on the first visit, we will provide the date of a further appointment.
    • We will make sure properties are safe and compliant with health and safety law.
    • We will make sure properties are maintained to the Decent Homes Standard.
  • Neighbourhood


    • We will make it clear what somebody should do if they experience antisocial behaviour.
    • We will also respond within one working day if a serious incident is reported.
    • We will make sure our neighbourhoods are well maintained.
  • Moving home

    Moving home

    • If a resident wants to move home, we will help them identify options to meet their needs.
  • Value for money and governance

    Value for money and governance

    • We will provide an annual assessment of our performance against plans and objectives.
    • We will comply with all relevant legislation and regulation and remain accountable to our residents and partners.
    • We will use external credit rating companies to check our performance and make sure we continue to be financially strong. 
    • Our Group Board is committed to effective leadership and controlling the organisation and supporting residents to shape and scrutinise the services we provide.
  • Customer service

    Customer service

    • We will make it easy for our residents to contact us if they have a problem or want information or advice.
    • If a staff member cannot resolve a query immediately, they will explain the process and the timescale for resolution.
    • If a resident has a problem, we will keep them regularly informed about how we are dealing with their query or complaint, and the reason for any changes.
    • If a resident cannot get through or has to leave a message, someone will call them back within one working day (Monday to Friday).
    • Information on the level of service that can be expected from us is available on our website.
    • We will provide training for staff to ensure they are competent, knowledgeable and treat everyone as a valued customer.