Communities of Interest

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Our National Resident Scrutiny Panel (NRSP) are supported by over 1,000 residents who are involved with us through our Communities of Interest. The Community of Interest Groups focus on more specific topics, helping bring residents together who have similar interests.

We work with each of the community of interest groups to help us design services, and check on how well we are performing in a particular area of our service. 

What do Community Of Interest Groups do?

  • Checks how well a particular service is doing
  • Helps us design a specific service based upon their experience
  • Reviews policies and procedures
  • Recommends to our National Resident Scrutiny Panel improvements to particular services

How much time do you need to join a community of interest?

‘Communities of interest’ are great ways of being involved. The  amount of time involved is based around what you can do, from a survey to checking on the quality of a local estate. More and more opportunities are ‘virtual’, complimenting anything that happens ‘face-to-face’.

What community of interest groups do Sanctuary have?

Our residents have formed a range of communities of interest based on what they are interested in and have told us they want to work with on. We are always open to working with residents to set up new communities of interest in topics that residents are passionate about working with us on.

  • Service reviews
  • Estate inspections
  • Family and Friends tests 
  • Handling complaints 
  • Homeowners’ Forum
  • Environment and Climate Change 
  • Policy reviews 
  • Buying goods and services (‘Procurement’)

Interested in joining a community of interest, or setting up a new one?

We always love to hear from residents who are keen to get involved with us. Please get in touch and we’d love to speak with you.